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Meet Marina Bedrossian, IBS Dietitian Nutritionist, Long Island


Horse-loving, Brazilian jiu-jitsu-addicted, nature enthusiast, health-nut, homeschooling, freedom-lover Marina is the dietitian who thrives off of changing lives through the healing abilities of food. 

Marina is an IBS Dietitian and Nutritionist on Long Island, NY with a strong background in integrative nutrition therapy and personalized anti-inflammatory diets. She will help you analyze your medical history in order to understand your stubborn symptoms and create a game plan.

Marina uses the most advanced technology in identifying inflammatory foods which helps her clients receive quick and lasting relief. She helps clients improve their digestion and reduce overall inflammation, which greatly improves their quality of life. 

Recently, Marina incorporated emotional detoxing into her practice. She can eliminate trapped emotions and energies in the body which cause blockages in our systems. 

With thoughtful cooking and eating, comes healing.

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